how to spot a fake

When looking at jewelry, how can you tell a real pearl from a fake one?  Here are a couple tips to help!
  • Imperfectly Perfect.  Like most good things in life, real pearls have imperfections.  The small bumps, ridges and dimples in a pearl’s nacre make each uniquely different.  Fake pearls are often perfectly round with a flat finish, while real pearls will vary in shape and size.
  • Just a Dusting.  Oftentimes you will see a fine dusting of powder by the drillhole when looking at real pearls.  This pearl dust is a the nacre;  the presence of which is only found in real pearls.  This is also where the “tooth test” comes from – or rubbing a pearl against your tooth to determine whether it is real or fake.  Real pearls will feel gritty while fake pearls will be smooth and flat.
  • Weight and Warmth. Fake pearls are often made from resin, glass or plastic. Because they have a hollow core, their density is less than that of a real pearl.  Genuine pearls will also gradually warm to the skin, while resin, plastic or glass pearls feel warm upon first contact.

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