it’s knot easy….

You will often find high quality pearls are knotted on a simple silk thread.  These knots not only prevent your pearls from bumping and scratching one another, but also thwarts total chaos if the string breaks at an inopportune time – like while busting a move on the dance floor…. or sitting at church.

Re-stringing your pearls is so important for their upkeep.  The nice part is that it is easy to tell when it’s time for a re-string: the silk  begins to stretch, small gaps and wiggle room appears between each pearl and the knot itself often begins to look snarled and dirty.

If you wear your pearls frequently, I recommend re-stringing them every year.  This keeps the silk fresh and the pearls protected. Certainly don’t hesitate to pop me an email if your pearls need a little TLC – I am happy to help:

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