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Pretty from behind. Keep in mind that for much of your ceremony yours and your bridesmaid’s backs will be to your guests.  When selecting wedding jewelry, don’t forget to look at it from all angles.  A pretty clasp, a colorful ribbon or an unusual detail at the back of the necklace will make the photographs from your ceremony even more beautiful.

Traditional or modern? You want your wedding photographs to look timeless, so traditional jewelry is often best for the ceremony itself.  However, don’t be afraid to change things up for your reception!   An easy way to change the look of your dress without actually changing out of your dress is to swap out or change your jewelry: add colorful strands of gemstones to your necklace, change into large statement earrings or add a pop of color with a ribbon.

Need a helping hand?  I offer bridal jewelry consultations and advice: visit or email me at to chat further!

image: custom wedding jewelry created by elisabeth newton

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