art history + jewelry brought to life

I came across the work of British artist Maisie Broadhead this weekend: her series “Jewellry Depicted” breathes unexpected life into historical paintings, reinterpreting them as modern photographs. Really amazing concept to begin with, but the kicker is that she also fabricates the jewelry included within each photograph/painting.  I love seeing the jewelry both in and out of the setting of the contemporary photograph: it is amazing how the context changes your perception of the piece.  Here are some of my favorites:

Which way to Go, Maisie Broadhead, digital C print; Woman holding a balance, Johannes Vermeer, 1664; Big Fake Little Pearl Necklace, Maisie Broadhead, 2009.
English Gentlewoman, Maisie Broadhead, 2010, digital c-print; Portrait of a Gentleman, Hans Eworth, 1567; Chain Chain, Maisie Broadhead, 2010.
Prof Stof, Maisie Broadhead, 2009, digital c-print; Portrait of a Jeweler, Franciabigio, 1516; Touchstone Rings, Maisie Broadhead, 2009.

Check out Maisie’s full portfolio: photographs courtesy of the artist’s website.

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