cuff me…

Cuff bracelets might be challenging the currently reigning statement necklace for its’ title of “must have” fall fashion accessory.

Fun fact about the cuff: it was brought to new heights by Coco Chanel and Fulco di Verdura in the 1920’s. Chanel, having received jewelry from many of her lovers, approached Italian jeweler Verdura to reset some of it into new pieces. He came up with the Verdura cuff, a bold bracelet adorned with the Maltese cross created out of semi-precious stones and enamel.

You can still purchase the famed cuff, though you might need to pinch some pennies beforehand as they start at $12,000.  Eek!

I love cuffs and am currently working on several for the fall collections: be sure to check back soon, as the first batch are almost finished and I’ll be posting a sneak peak here soon. In the meanwhile, here’s some yummy cuff styling:

Images clockwise from top: habitually chic; elsa peretti tiffany’s cuff; tori burch cuff; pinterest; chanel 2012 runway.  Above: coco chanel wearing her Verdura cuffs; jade Verdura cuff; Fulco di Verdura in his studio.

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