contemporarize your pearls


Pearls often get a bad wrap for being stuffy and traditional.  But the reality is that it is easy to breathe new life into your pearls.  Here are a couple ways to give them a contemporary spin.

1. Add a pendant. Bonus points for a statement pendant such as this: choosing something that is contrary in texture, shape or size to your pearls will give it a gorgeous contrast. Think big, bold, organic. (photo Dries Van Noten)

pendant pearls

2. Pearls don’t have to be round – there are loads of beautiful shapes and sizes of pearls to choose from. Biwa pearls, like these, have a cool, edgy spike to them. (photo: Elisabeth Newton)


3. Skip the necklace, grab a pin. (photo: Chanel)


4. Or simply add a pin to your necklace…vintage pins are a great way to give your pearls a point of interest – either in the front or the back. (photo: the fuller review)


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