jewelry display – for walls

I’ve run out of room on my own dresser and after seeing Kelly Wearstler’s amazing jewelry wall, I thought a little inspiration for how to organize and hang jewelry might … Continue reading

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not your mother’s pearls…

There are all sorts of fun things happening with pearls these days – many of which are defying the traditional stuffiness sometimes associated with pearl jewelry.  Here are a few … Continue reading

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real weddings: megan + brad

I recently had the privilege of designing jewelry for one of my favorite people, Megan, for her wedding in northern Massachusetts. An effortless and gorgeous bride, Megan chose an asymmetrical … Continue reading

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delicious jewelry

These past few weeks have been chalked full of jewelry events and shows. And though exhausting, often the best part is discovering other wonderful artists from around the country.  With … Continue reading

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a new studio

        This month marked a move into a new studio space at Golden Belt at 807 East Main Street in Durham, NC. Formally a textile factory in … Continue reading

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collection sneak peak: natural wonders

New drusy quartz studs from the natural wonders collection!  These shimmering puddle-like studs will debut this fall alongside tusk pendants, coral collars and porcupine quills. Based loosely on a curiosity … Continue reading

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girls + their pearls

Clockwise from top left: Jackie Kennedy; Josephine Baker; Coco Chanel; Diana Vreeland

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contemporary pearls

While pearls have always fascinated me, the single strand of graduated pearls always made me feel a little stuffy and not quite myself . But when I started to design … Continue reading

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real weddings: jayna + ben

I recently had the pleasure of working with Jayna to select 3 unique pieces for her bridesmaids. Custom wedding jewelry is one of the many perks to my job: I … Continue reading

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are YOU ready for NYFW?!

  The Man Repeller’s hilarious video guaranteed to whip you into tip-top shape for New York Fashion Week’s opening. “This is not your friend’s quinceanera… this is not your godson’s … Continue reading

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freshly baked: kitchen stuff that can organize your jewelry

More clever jewelry storage ideas – with a home baked taste! Clever uses of kitchen items to help organize and store your jewelry… like the pretty vintage tea cups + … Continue reading

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Why fashion is important in a down economy….

“What do you wear in a bad economy? This is a very, very sensitive issue. On one hand, you say that when things are going sour — when everything is … Continue reading

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cuff me…

Cuff bracelets might be challenging the currently reigning statement necklace for its’ title of “must have” fall fashion accessory. Fun fact about the cuff: it was brought to new heights … Continue reading

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oh so clever!

German artist Gesine Hackenberg converts vintage ceramics into cleverly designed jewelry. Each piece is created using discs punched from plates, bowls and cups. Honestly, I am unsure as to which … Continue reading

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friday eye-candy: awesome interiors


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lanvin’s “real people” campaign

This Fall, Lanvin decided to exchange a typical model line-up for a selection of individuals with a broad range of diverse genders, ethnicity and ages. Casting real people, Lanvin’s 2012 … Continue reading

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a few of my favorite things…

In honor of an overcast Wednesday, here are a couple favorite bookmarks for your perusing pleasure: A great stop for all things trend related, Trendland offers insight into burgeoning fashion, … Continue reading

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fall collection sneak peak: bits + pieces

Collection #2 for fall pairs pearls with vintage snaffle bits, tack and equestrian hardware.  Here’s a little peak into the style boards for the bits + pieces collection: Be sure … Continue reading

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jewelry storage

I recently came across photos of stylist Mary Alice Stephenson’s jewelry storage and just about died with envy.  Honestly I don’t know what I covet more: her jewelry collection or … Continue reading

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bejeweled headbands

With a bridal magazine editorial shoot coming up this fall, I have been asked to consider expanding my wedding collection to  include headbands. I love this idea and have been … Continue reading

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art history + jewelry brought to life

I came across the work of British artist Maisie Broadhead this weekend: her series “Jewellry Depicted” breathes unexpected life into historical paintings, reinterpreting them as modern photographs. Really amazing concept … Continue reading

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pretty little things: vika gazinskaya scribble jewels

I recently came across Russian desiner vika gazinskaya’s spring/summer 2012 collection and couldn’t resist sharing. Known for her modern interpretation of 1950’s silhouette’s, vika’s new collection highlights a line of … Continue reading

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what a pretty package

  With fall just around the corner, I have shows on the brain! One of my favorite parts of my job is not just the jewelry and the design aspect, … Continue reading

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styled – friday styling inspirations

Mix + match your favorite pendants for a lighter summery look. Play with positive + negative space: cutouts make great spaces for showing off jewels.  Plus it completely changes the … Continue reading

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from the jewel box

I love jewelry: it is one of the many reasons that I started designing jewelry in the first place. I have oodles of books, magazines and websites that I drift … Continue reading

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a sneak peak: fall 2012 collection preview

I am very excited about the materials for the Fall 2012 collection, one of which will be a series of Mozambican mpingo wood cuffs.  Mpingo is a rich dark wood … Continue reading

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styled – weddings

Pretty from behind. Keep in mind that for much of your ceremony yours and your bridesmaid’s backs will be to your guests.  When selecting wedding jewelry, don’t forget to look … Continue reading

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Fall Schedule

Very excited to be invited to join jewelrySPARK in Raleigh, NC this Fall!  FashionSPARK is a juried selection of emerging designers. Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Alabama so far: check … Continue reading

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we’re now tweeting!  follow me here: @elisabethjewels

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bejeweled runways

Rodarte Fall 2012 Jewelry is not just leisurely draping itself on necks, wrists and ears for its walk on the runway, but is also being used to adorn hair. Nestling … Continue reading

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just a friendly reminder…

Just a few short days left in the  S U M M E R   S T U D I O   S A L E !  Things have been selling out … Continue reading

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I am officially off to Africa to romp, travel and collect goodies for the upcoming Fall collection. Personally, I can think of no better place to draw inspiration from: the … Continue reading

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what the?!

Natural, cultured, faux – what is the actual difference in the types of pearls?! N A T U R A L : these guys have no artificial core and are … Continue reading

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in the studio

I officially expand + move my studio next month, so needless to say I have studio space on the brain.  I thought I would share a couple of my favorite … Continue reading

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styled – fall jewelry styling tips

I love stacked bracelets! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns when trying it. Key is that if you go big on the bracelets, go minimal elsewhere.  It … Continue reading

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styled – weddings

Jewelry for your wedding can be daunting – there is lots to think about and an overwhelming number of decisions to balance. Here are a couple things I always advise … Continue reading

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super addicting

For those of you who have not discovered the amazing awesomeness that is pinterest, click the icon above to come play. Here are a smattering of pretty things from the … Continue reading

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it’s knot easy….

You will often find high quality pearls are knotted on a simple silk thread.  These knots not only prevent your pearls from bumping and scratching one another, but also thwarts … Continue reading

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styled – breaking the rules

Don’t be afraid of mixing high and low: it’s a super cute way to add a little sparkle to your favorite weekend sweatshirt.  Added bonus: try layering your necklace under … Continue reading

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meet our new online shop!

The first of two new websites debuting this summer: come check out the new online shop:! We also learned a neat new trick and linked our online shop to … Continue reading

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