Each season springs from a singular design inspiration: whether a theme I just can’t stop thinking about, or a photograph that strikes my fancy, or the discovery of an awesome … Continue reading

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Tiffany’s + Gatsby

It seems as though everyone is abuzz about the new Gatsby movie. Personally I am most excited to see the jewelry from the film….clearly in part because it is laden … Continue reading

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wedding styled

From feathers to big necklaces to pearl adorned hair, here are some wedding styling photos to inspire!   all images from pinterest.

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contemporarize your pearls

Pearls often get a bad wrap for being stuffy and traditional.  But the reality is that it is easy to breathe new life into your pearls.  Here are a couple … Continue reading

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what the?!

Natural, cultured, faux – what is the actual difference in the types of pearls?! N A T U R A L : these guys have no artificial core and are … Continue reading

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how to spot a fake

When looking at jewelry, how can you tell a real pearl from a fake one?  Here are a couple tips to help! Imperfectly Perfect.  Like most good things in life, … Continue reading

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