this lady’s got moxie


A friend recently passed along an awesome article on NYC stylist Linda Rodin and I was immediately smitten. Here are my top 3 reasons why:

1. This lady has an amazing sense of style and self. Her wardrobe is simultaneously effortless and completely unique. Love it.


2. She is her brand. Ms. Rodin is currently stirring up a lot of buzz about her amazing line of skin-care and cosmetics – all of which are as timeless and awesome as she is. Gotta admire a lady with a little business savvy.

Picture 2

3. You HAVE to love her theory on exercise: “I tried yoga — hated it. I tried Pilates — hated it. Then I just said, “F-ck this, I hate exercising anyway.” I’d rather stay home, read a book, stare out the window, do anything, really.” YES.


Basically if this is what 63 looks like, I am real pumped to get there. High five for a lady with a little moxie.

Images from Daily Candy + Refinery29. Click for original articles and photographs.

2 comments on “this lady’s got moxie

  1. dinahpearlbutton
    June 29, 2013

    This is what we need! Amazing role models – women with ideas and chutzpah and stylish and interesting as well.

    • elisabeth
      July 2, 2013

      I agree wholeheartedly! Thank you for your comment: I am glad you enjoyed the post.

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