I love this woman. LOVE her. At 92, Iris Apfel is fearless and incomparable, with more moxie than I know how to handle. I adore the fact that she is … Continue reading

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One of the most common questions that I am asked is whether or not the pearls I use are cultured. Developed by pearl guru Kokichi Mikimoto in the 1920’s, cultured … Continue reading

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With my own personal style being one of mix and match – vintage with contemporary, high with low, old with new – eclectic vintage jewelry is the perfect counterpoint to my contemporary pearl designs. Over the … Continue reading

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Each season springs from a singular design inspiration: whether a theme I just can’t stop thinking about, or a photograph that strikes my fancy, or the discovery of an awesome … Continue reading

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Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the new pieces in our new wholesale catalog! CONTEMPORARY COLLAR . pearl applique on metal collar PEARL BELT . pearl applique on … Continue reading

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While I hold a clear bias for giving pearl jewelry as gifts, it is not to say that I can’t appreciate other pearl inspired gifts and accessories. Here are a … Continue reading

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Now is that time of year when my wanderlust kicks in. Hard. And though I have been fortunate enough to have wandered through over 30 countries, it still remains that … Continue reading

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Ok, so I admit that I am as grinch-y as the next person when it comes to talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, however I will admit I am uber excited … Continue reading

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Loving jewelry + collecting jewelry + making jewelry = I have loads of jewelry. Needless to say, I’ve found the everyday jewelry box to be slightly too small for my … Continue reading

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Confession: I hate photographing product. Hate it. The truth is that I crave instantaneous gratification: when I finish a new design, I would LOVE for it to simply post itself … Continue reading

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All Things Artisanal is a gorgeously curated website overflowing with beautifully handcrafted products.  Think high-end etsy meets Fab. From ceramics to apparel to food, you are sure to discover something … Continue reading

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It doesn’t get much better than pearls in unusual contexts: something traditional and classic, spun into a contemporary design completely changes the way in which we see pearls. Thankfully it … Continue reading

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Tradeshow season is here!  That means weekends of bin schlepping, booth building, inventory hauling and client chatting. Hours aside, tradeshows are particularly challenging because of space and transport constraints.  How do … Continue reading

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For those unfamiliar with The Scout Guides, prepare to have your Tuesday made. Scouting the best local small businesses and artisans in over 25 cities, The Scout Guides are an … Continue reading

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Gilt is running an AMAZING sale on fashion books at the moment.  Hop here to browse – if you are anything like us, you’re sure to find a bunch of … Continue reading

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For our London friends, the Victoria & Albert Museum will be opening what promises to be an amazing exhibition titled simply Pearls. While the exhibition opens 21 September, it also … Continue reading

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In need of more words of wisdom? Hop here: 

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Some of the best DIY sources keep it simple – focusing on clean design and beautiful aesthetics. Here are a couple of my favorite resources to inspire projects for your … Continue reading

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Summer Sale

Don’t forget: some of our favorite summer pearls  go on sale this afternoon here!  PLUS, we added a VERY limited number of new fall goodies to the list for a … Continue reading

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They’re heeeerrrreee- the enormously thick, wickedly wonderful, 800+ page fashion bibles known as The September Issues. (And yes, reverence dictates that they be capitalized). As a designer, The September Issues … Continue reading

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Luxury mixed with humility

Every so often, you stumble on an image that embodies all that you were trying, but failing, to say with words. I felt that way after rediscovering this photo spread … Continue reading

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Hair comes the bride

Gorgeous wedding styling can be added through hair accessories as much as it can be achieved through jewelry. I love that you can completely change the look of a dress … Continue reading

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Dior’s Secret Garden

Dior’s Fall 2013 Secret Garden campaign is laden with yummy pearls. Dior’s accessories designer, Camille Miceli, reinterprets several of Dior’s classic silhouettes into a modern take on the venerable fashion … Continue reading

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Ditch your duds

Let’s face it: Ebay can fall a bit short in terms of being a marketplace for selling your designer duds.  Three websites have popped up in the past few years … Continue reading

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Lost in Fashion

Do you see her?! Contemporary Chinese artist Liu Bolin meticulously camouflages his subjects into their surroundings. One part painting, one part installation, one part photograph and one part sheer awesomeness, … Continue reading

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A very merry birthday Ms. Vreeland

  A very merry birthday to one of my favorite ladies of fashion, Diana Vreeland.  Wickedly fierce,  Vreeland is an often celebrated as one of (if not singularly the most) … Continue reading

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Deja vu

Stumbled upon this Louis Vuitton collar for Fall 2013 and smiled a little – reminds us a little of  our Adorned pearl collar!!   Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton and … Continue reading

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Style Guides

Cause we all need a little inspiration sometimes. Check out our newest Pinterest board chalked full of some great fashion tips and tricks … including tips for updating your work … Continue reading

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Punked up Pearls

Pearls with an edge, the Tasaki Collection by Thakoon is an awesome interpretation of pearls.  The collection includes multi-finger pearl rings, spiked pearl hoops and rings with literal “bite” (see … Continue reading

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Tour our new studio digs!

We moved! Still setting up shop, but we wanted to invite you for a little tour… cause we’re just real excited

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New web find: Style Hawk

Always on the lookout for clever styling and fashion, we recently discovered Raleigh based Style Hawk . In addition to offering wardrobe styling and closet curation, Style Hawk has an amazing blog … Continue reading

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The simple things

I love this design philosophy and keep it front and center on my bulletin board to remind me that often the simple things are the most important….

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this lady’s got moxie

A friend recently passed along an awesome article on NYC stylist Linda Rodin and I was immediately smitten. Here are my top 3 reasons why: 1. This lady has an … Continue reading

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In the studio

We’ve got goals!  Our newest one: to let you see what our days at Elisabeth Newton look like. The the Studio is our newest blog category featuring our creative process, … Continue reading

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summer reads

A couple of my favorite books lining my bookshelf these days… cause who doesn’t need a little fashion read this summer?! The Empress of Fashion: A Life of Diana Vreeland … Continue reading

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Savage beauty

I have always admired the work of Peter Beard. Gorgeously unexpected, his collages are a unique combination of part photography, part journal entry, part found object. He is known for … Continue reading

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designer profile: holst + lee

There is no denying that Brooklyn based jewelry line Holst + Lee is pretty badass. Textural, vibrant and downright awesome, each piece boasts a unique colorblock style and a signature … Continue reading

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bejeweled shoes . DIY tips

I loved the jeweled shoes that are flooding the shops at the moment – and the kicker is, they are easy to create yourself using these DIY tips.  (Shop the … Continue reading

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Our new Online Shop!

Our new online shopping site is finally here!! Hop over to check out the new Urchin collection of Italian coral and porcupine quill, or the Studded collection of pearls studded … Continue reading

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Wander the streets…

Just stumbled onto this digital book, The Paris Journal, and I am completely hooked. Combining fine art photography and gorgeous minimalist videos, this app lets you wander the neighborhoods of … Continue reading

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