I love this woman. LOVE her. At 92, Iris Apfel is fearless and incomparable, with more moxie than I know how to handle. I adore the fact that she is … Continue reading

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With my own personal style being one of mix and match – vintage with contemporary, high with low, old with new – eclectic vintage jewelry is the perfect counterpoint to my contemporary pearl designs. Over the … Continue reading

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They’re heeeerrrreee- the enormously thick, wickedly wonderful, 800+ page fashion bibles known as The September Issues. (And yes, reverence dictates that they be capitalized). As a designer, The September Issues … Continue reading

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New web find: Style Hawk

Always on the lookout for clever styling and fashion, we recently discovered Raleigh based Style Hawk . In addition to offering wardrobe styling and closet curation, Style Hawk has an amazing blog … Continue reading

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this lady’s got moxie

A friend recently passed along an awesome article on NYC stylist Linda Rodin and I was immediately smitten. Here are my top 3 reasons why: 1. This lady has an … Continue reading

June 28, 2013 · 2 Comments

pearl jam

Ear cuffs are popping up everywhere this spring and I am a little obsessed. I came across this magazine spread recently and fell in love with the pearl studs: such … Continue reading

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contemporarize your pearls

Pearls often get a bad wrap for being stuffy and traditional.  But the reality is that it is easy to breathe new life into your pearls.  Here are a couple … Continue reading

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add some style to your jewelry

All so often we treat jewelry as an afterthought – something to add to or complete an outfit. So this week I challenge you to flip flop your thinking and … Continue reading

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put your thing down, flip it + reverse it

While I often skip watching the Oscars, I never miss hawking the jewelry and fashion the next day. It is always fun to spot (and let’s be honest, sometimes get … Continue reading

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mix + match

Sometimes I find clients are scared to mix + match their jewelry: certainly it is easier to stick with traditional earring + necklace sets, or a certain color, metal or … Continue reading

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cuff me…

Cuff bracelets might be challenging the currently reigning statement necklace for its’ title of “must have” fall fashion accessory. Fun fact about the cuff: it was brought to new heights … Continue reading

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styled – friday styling inspirations

Mix + match your favorite pendants for a lighter summery look. Play with positive + negative space: cutouts make great spaces for showing off jewels.  Plus it completely changes the … Continue reading

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styled – fall jewelry styling tips

I love stacked bracelets! Don’t be afraid to mix and match different patterns when trying it. Key is that if you go big on the bracelets, go minimal elsewhere.  It … Continue reading

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styled – breaking the rules

Don’t be afraid of mixing high and low: it’s a super cute way to add a little sparkle to your favorite weekend sweatshirt.  Added bonus: try layering your necklace under … Continue reading

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