One of the most common questions that I am asked is whether or not the pearls I use are cultured. Developed by pearl guru Kokichi Mikimoto in the 1920’s, cultured … Continue reading

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Here’s a sneak peak at a few of the new pieces in our new wholesale catalog! CONTEMPORARY COLLAR . pearl applique on metal collar PEARL BELT . pearl applique on … Continue reading

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Ok, so I admit that I am as grinch-y as the next person when it comes to talking about Christmas before Thanksgiving, however I will admit I am uber excited … Continue reading

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It doesn’t get much better than pearls in unusual contexts: something traditional and classic, spun into a contemporary design completely changes the way in which we see pearls. Thankfully it … Continue reading

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For our London friends, the Victoria & Albert Museum will be opening what promises to be an amazing exhibition titled simply Pearls. While the exhibition opens 21 September, it also … Continue reading

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Punked up Pearls

Pearls with an edge, the Tasaki Collection by Thakoon is an awesome interpretation of pearls.  The collection includes multi-finger pearl rings, spiked pearl hoops and rings with literal “bite” (see … Continue reading

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pearl jam

Ear cuffs are popping up everywhere this spring and I am a little obsessed. I came across this magazine spread recently and fell in love with the pearl studs: such … Continue reading

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contemporarize your pearls

Pearls often get a bad wrap for being stuffy and traditional.  But the reality is that it is easy to breathe new life into your pearls.  Here are a couple … Continue reading

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Whatcha looking at?! How to tell natural from treated pearls

Pearl coloration and treatments are a tricky topic: advancement of treatment processes result in a larger range of pearl colors available on the market.  Natural pearls come in natural colors: … Continue reading

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pushing pearls: why we love chanel

Pearls are to Chanel as to what Bonnie was to Clyde: drop dead gorgeous, flawlessly styled and the best sidekick one could ask for. While I will always adore the … Continue reading

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what a gem! a buyers guide for pearls.

Monday I hop to Tucson to buy raw materials at the largest buying show in North America. Each year, over 50,000 people descend on this little Arizona town to ruffle … Continue reading

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not your mother’s pearls…

There are all sorts of fun things happening with pearls these days – many of which are defying the traditional stuffiness sometimes associated with pearl jewelry.  Here are a few … Continue reading

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girls + their pearls

Clockwise from top left: Jackie Kennedy; Josephine Baker; Coco Chanel; Diana Vreeland

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contemporary pearls

While pearls have always fascinated me, the single strand of graduated pearls always made me feel a little stuffy and not quite myself . But when I started to design … Continue reading

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what the?!

Natural, cultured, faux – what is the actual difference in the types of pearls?! N A T U R A L : these guys have no artificial core and are … Continue reading

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it’s knot easy….

You will often find high quality pearls are knotted on a simple silk thread.  These knots not only prevent your pearls from bumping and scratching one another, but also thwarts … Continue reading

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chanel + pearls

Spring 2012 fashion trends brought a pleasent suprise: pearls!  And no, I don’t mean in the conventional sense as pearl jewels, but rather – for lack of a better term- as adornments.  Walking … Continue reading

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what in the world is a keshi pearl?!

While showing at various gift shows these past couple weeks, there have been couple reoccurring pearl questions, one of which is “what in the world is a keshi pearl?!”  Keshi … Continue reading

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pearls of wisdom

The easiest rule of thumb when caring for pearls is that they should be the last thing you put on in the morning, and the first thing you take off … Continue reading

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how to spot a fake

When looking at jewelry, how can you tell a real pearl from a fake one?  Here are a couple tips to help! Imperfectly Perfect.  Like most good things in life, … Continue reading

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