Luxury mixed with humility


Every so often, you stumble on an image that embodies all that you were trying, but failing, to say with words. I felt that way after rediscovering this photo spread of J Crew’s creative director Jenna Lyons in an old Harpers Bazaar recently.

A combination of opposites, the editorial represents all that I seek our jewelry to be: lounging barefoot in a ball gown skirt, an everyday button down styled with an unusual necklace, an undertone of quiet confidence. It is an effortless mixture of high and low; the perfect combination of luxury and minimalism.

This summer has been one distinguished by streamlining – our studio, our jewelry, our brand, in hopes of conveying the same high-low combination that this photo embodies.  I suppose the old adage rings true – a picture really is worth 1,000 words…


Stay tuned for our new branding! Check out more photos that represent Elisabeth Newton Contemporary Pearls here.

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