Loving jewelry + collecting jewelry + making jewelry = I have loads of jewelry. Needless to say, I’ve found the everyday jewelry box to be slightly too small for my bounds of baubles. So, over the years I have had to think creatively as to how to organize and store my jewelry.

Here are a couple of my favorite DIY ideas for you jewelry hoarders!



Proper antique tool boxes are gorgeous. The hardware, the scuffs, the oodles of drawers.  And I love the idea of pairing opposites: something hard and industrial holding something so feminine and soft.  Toolboxes also score points because I hate visual clutter: this option closes up to hide your heaps without sacrificing space. One tip: be sure to line the drawers with felt or velvet so as to protect your jewelry from scratches. Toolbox via Concept Images



Ikea is chalked full of affordable components for DIY projects. So start thinking creatively: whether hinging a full length mirror to create a nook for hidden jewelry storage, or retrofitting your closet with shelving to hold cutlery containers, Ikea is a great place for jewelry storage inspiration. Wander around the store and think outside the (jewel) box! via pinterest



As for myself, I went big: my jewelry box is a 5′ antique Post Office box. Small drawers for delicate chains and bracelets, medium drawers for larger necklaces and file drawers with hanging file hardware to suspend earrings.  This piece from REHAB Vintage Interiors is very similar, though Craigslist and local flea markets are also awesome sources.

card file

MORE JEWELRY STORAGE IDEAS? Hop to my pinterest board!

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