Now is that time of year when my wanderlust kicks in. Hard. And though I have been fortunate enough to have wandered through over 30 countries, it still remains that with every new location I cross off my “to see” list, 4 or more seem to crop up in its place.  Le sigh: the world is big and glorious and I want to see it all… 0b4861fb363b4cc55b8a80c57f50038e Alas, coordinating schedules, finding the time and disciplining your savings- not to mention sorting out someone whose travel habits are complimentary to your own- has seemingly only gotten tougher over the years. Which is kinda why I LOVED learning about Life Hooky – a travel group designed to toss you on an adventure. Dubbed “Worldwide cross-cultural experiences for people who want to play hooky from their routine & do something worth remembering”, Life Hooky is kinda an awesome idea. I could tell you more, but honestly you should just check it out for yourself because the website is delightful…. :) a54598495fd8bc06e8c14c674e12c9b8

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