Ditch your duds

Let’s face it: Ebay can fall a bit short in terms of being a marketplace for selling your designer duds.  Three websites have popped up in the past few years that have filled that gap – Material Wrld, Vaunte and SnobSwap. A bit more about them:


A luxury fashion resale community, Material Wrld allows you to create a “closet” where your uploaded items are offered for sale. Material Wrld is international, therefore allowing you to shop and be shopped by clients from around the world.


Launched by 2 former Gilt employees, Vaunte is the current darling of the fashion re-sale community. Unlike other shop sites, Vaunte is glossy and easy to use, and lets you shop the closets of fashion insiders and stylists. Though more expensive, the unusual selection of goods more than makes up for the price tags.



SnobSwap is a luxury consignment marketplace where fashion lovers can get together to sell, shop, swap and save on coveted, high-end designer clothes and accessories. This site accepts a broader range of designer goods – everything from Chanel to JCrew. What differentiates SnobSwab from other websites is the option to swap your clothing with other vendors.

Interested in consigning something online? Here are some tips to help you get the best possible price.

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