With my own personal style being one of mix and match – vintage with contemporary, high with low, old with new – eclectic vintage jewelry is the perfect counterpoint to my contemporary pearl designs.

Over the years, I have collected oodles of vintage pieces. Which ** in my defense ** I either own myself, or I use for our Bridal collection “Something Old” (our wedding line that combines vintage elements and contemporary pearls with a bride’s personal story – such as a mother’s veil or a grandmother’s pearls), or I include as elements in some of our one of a kind designs.

After a several clients asked me to help them source vintage pieces for them, I began kicking around the idea of offering a curated collection of badass vintage that would compliment our contemporary pearls. As such, I am happy to announce Elisabeth Newton Vintage is now on Etsy! Each piece is selected to be paired with our pearls – layered and combined – or with necklaces that we have designed specifically to combine with vintage pieces.

Screen shot 2014-03-25 at 6.18.18 PM

Instead of being listed by jewelry type (earrings, necklace, etc), the collections are curated for different archetypes: The Nomad, The Naturalist, The Prep, The Decadent, The Historian, and of course, The Pearl Girl. I’ve also pulled together a new Pinterest Board  with inspiring examples of how to style vintage jewelry, images of yummy vintage pieces, and photographs of vintage fashion. I hope you enjoy!

Vintage Collage

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