Each season springs from a singular design inspiration: whether a theme I just can’t stop thinking about, or a photograph that strikes my fancy, or the discovery of an awesome new gemstone or pearl. This spring, collection inspiration lay in my personal jewelry box. And it’s not quite what you might expect…

We all know that I love a drippy, huge, amazing, statement necklaces. Gah! Nothing makes me happier. I absolutely adore them. The bigger the better. I wear them everyday and pair them with everything from a tattered t-shirt to a little black dress.

But this spring, we’re going minimal.

Gasp!! Yup, minimal. Simple, elegant, gorgeous, and clean. The counterpoint to my beloved statement necklaces. I love the idea of a collection that compliments the statement pieces that I currently design. Because recently, getting dressed in the mornings, I have been craving simple. Layered. Light. This is the foundation for Spring 2014: The Everyday Minimalist Collection. All new pieces will be available April 1.

Want exclusive access to the new collection a day early? Sign up here.


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP RIGHT:   Elisabeth Newton Isabella $165.00  ///  Image via Pinterest  ///  Need Supply Hope Dress  $422, ON SALE: $174.99   ///  Image via College Vintage   ///   She Piner Gold Bangles $5.99   ///   She Piner Mesh Yoke Dress $19.99   ///   Elisabeth Newton Studded Stud $125.00

Mini Mantra

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